Start your ringers right with a one of these books.

UP and RINGING! (3 octaves)

Both books provide a sequential set of lessons for new ringers of all ages.

ALL new ringers need material to help them develop good ringing skills.
Easy music allows them to concentrate on ringing technique and learning to track their notes

New ringers who already know how to read music still face challenges unique to handbell music.

Easy music helps these ringers adjust to the challenges of reading handbell music.

Use BUILDING BASIC SKILLS (2 octaves) or UP and RINGING! (3 octaves)
to lay a good foundation for any new ringer.

If it is necessary to work beginners into an existing group, challenge the more experienced ringers to ring a “new position” while working through this training material. 

Links to other important information
Important features (additional general information that applies to both books)
Starting just a few ringers? (how to use either book with a small group)

Description of individual components (with links to selected sample pages)

Musical concepts presented (with links to playback files for some of the performance possibilities)

Price list (with unit price for three components of the 3-octave book)