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A Few Ringers

Method Book with Small Group

Only a few new ringers?

Although these method books are designed for a full choir, they will work with a smaller group.
The sequential exercises, designed to develop a good, basic ringing technique, will give any new ringer
a solid foundation for playing Level 1 music.

The only drawback is that the "performance" pieces in these books will not sound good without a full choir:

    • Actual stand-alone pieces in Up and Ringing! need a full, 3-octave group to sound good.
    • Actual stand-alone pieces in BUILDING BASIC SKILLS need a full, 2-octave group to sound good.

The Dare Team Press has several stand-alone publications scored for smaller groups that could be used
      in place of the program pieces in the method books.
Contact the editor if you need suggestions for suitable publications for a specified number of ringers.

Ideas for bell assignments with only a few ringers; if you

    • Are training them to move into an existing group, assign each ringer to the position you want them to play.
    • Will continue with this small group, assign each ringer to the position he (she) will play in that size group.
    • Are offering an introduction to bells with no future plans, assign ringers to consecutive positions for a more pleasing sound.
        • 2 - 5 ringers: Treble clef only — Start with D5/E5 and continue adding positions as needed through E6/F6
        • 5 - 6 ringers: Grand staff — Start with B4/C5; continue with D5/E5, adding positions through C6/D6 (5) and E6/F6 (6)
        • 7 - 8 ringers: Grand staff — Use the plan for 5-6 ringers; add any of these positions, depending on bells available
                    • 7th ringer: Add G4/A4
                    • 8th ringer: Add G6 (2 octave set)
                    • 8th ringer: Add G6/A6 or B6/C7 or C4/D4 (3 octave set)
        • Create any combination of positions that best meets your needs.