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Click any underlined link to see a miniature score or samples the teaching aids.

Manual for the Director
BUILDING BASIC SKILLS       (2 octaves)       DT-3009 - $27.00

  • Provides a clear guide for new directors who have been drafted to “start a chime group”
    even though they have little or no musical training and/or have never taught beginners
  • Is a “ready to use” set of materials for experienced directors who have the knowledge
    but don’t have the time to search for and assemble a set of sequential lessons
  • Shows all pertinent information directly before each musical selection
  • Includes specific directions for full score and individual parts where necessary
  • Specifies the code number of the corresponding flash card for each new musical term
  • Supplies the melody for pieces scored as chordal accompaniments
  • Lists a summary of new concepts at the end of each chapter
  • Is published as a set of loose-leaf, pre-punched sheets for a director's notebook
Click here for a summary of topics introduced in each lesson.

Book for the Ringers
BUILDING BASIC SKILLS       (2 octaves)       DT-3010 - $8.95

  • Full score (normal bell music)
  • Large, easy-to-read print
  • Pieces are numbered sequentially throughout to avoid confusion
  • Booklet of 32 pages is stapled for stability and pre-punched for notebooks
  • Helps the new ringer learn the two basic notes of the ringing position
  • Notes requiring a flat or sharp are introduced as altered tones or
    notes that must be substituted for the basic note

Individual Parts are NOT available for the 2-octave book.

Flash Cards - DT-3004 - $19.95  (Printed on 8.5 x 11 card stock)
(This set of cards works for both books.)

  • Designed to coordinate sequentially with this method book
  • Contain a flash card for each musical term introduced
  • Illustrate concepts on treble clef, bass clef, and grand staff when appropriate
  • Focus the ringer's attention on the specific concept
  • Are large and easy for ringers to see at the table
    Click here to see sample copies of some of the flash cards from this set.

SPECIAL NOTE: The 2-octave book has 4 more pages and introduces a few more concepts.
The extra flash cards for these additional concepts are included with the 2-octave Director's Manual.
Click here to see these additional flash cards.

Note Reading Worksheets - DT-3005 - $17.50 
(These reproducible worksheets are useable with either book.)

  • Enable ringers to learn all the note names instead of only their two notes
  • Facilitate learning because students
    • Use worksheets focused on naming notes
    • Are not confused by trying to sort out individual notes in bell music full of big chords
  • Provide ample drill on each concept of learning note names
    Click here to see sample copies of some of the worksheets.

Director's 3-Piece Pack is NOT available for the 2-octave book.