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Concepts-UP and RINGING!

Music Concepts

Music concepts presented in UP and RINGING!

Underlined titles are links to playback files in the 3-octave book.
More playback files will be posted eventually.
Playback of chordal accompaniments include the melody on a contrasting instrument.

Skill #1- Whole Notes

  • Elements of the staff: lines, spaces, clefs, bar lines, double bar
  • Whole note, whole rest
  • Ringing stroke and damping
  • Measure numbers
  • Performance possibilities
          Chords to accompany America the Beautiful
          Donut Holes (Angel Haloes)

Skill #2 - Half Notes

  • Half note, half rest
  • Flat and the key signature with one flat
  • Fermata
  • Performance possibilities (some of the songs in the 2-octave book are different)
         Chords to accompany
    Deep and Wide
         Chords to accompany Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
         Chords to accompany Angels We Have Heard on High
    Quiet Moments

Skill #3 - Quarter Notes

  • Quarter note, quarter rest
  • Stress on counting
          Putting It All Together (uses all the rhythmic values learned so far)
  • Sharp and the key signature with one sharp
          Yankee Doodle
          Clouds and Sunshine
  • Repeat sign
  • Performance possibilities
          Chords to accompany Ode to Joy

Skill #4 - 3/4 Meter

  • Introduces meter
  • Dotted half note
  • Tie
  • Dynamic marks: f   p   mf
  • Key signature with two flats
  • Key signature with two sharps
  • Crescendo
  • D. C. al Fine
  • Performance possibilities in the 3-octave book (Some of the songs in the 2-octave book are different.)
           Chords to accompany
    Silent Night
           Come Boating with Me (Italian folk song in 3/4 meter)
           Chords to accompany
           Chords to accompany Kum Bah Yah
           Full Moon
           Celebration Chimes (an excellent first performance piece)
           Whistler's Tune (a program piece in 3/4 with hairpin crescendo and a repeat sign)
           Salute to New Ringers (a final piece to let the ringers realize how much they have learned)

Page updated on June 1, 2013