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Music Concepts

Music concepts presented in BUILDING BASIC SKILLS

Skill #1- Whole Notes

  • Elements of the staff: lines, spaces, clefs, bar lines, double bar
  • Whole note, whole rest
  • Ringing stroke and damping
  • Measure numbers
  • Performance possibilities
    Chords to accompany America the Beautiful  

Skill #2 - Half Notes

  • Half note, half rest
  • Flat and the key signature with one flat
  • Fermata
  • Performance possibilities
         Chords to accompany
    Deep and Wide
         Chords to accompany Chatter with the Angels
         Chords to accompany Angels We Have Heard on High
    Half Note March
         Quiet Thoughts

Skill #3 - Quarter Notes

  • Quarter note, quarter rest
  • Stress on counting
         Putting It All Together (uses all the rhythmic values learned so far)
  • Sharp and the key signature with one sharp
         Chords to accompany Yankee Doodle
         From Clouds to Sunshine
  • Repeat sign
  • Performance possibilities
         Chords to accompany HYMN TO JOY
         Fair Are the Meadows (CRUSADERS' HYMN)

Skill #4 - 3/4 Meter

  • Introduces meter
  • Dotted half note
  • Tie
  • Dynamic marks: f     p     mf     mp
  • Key signature with two flats
  • Key signature with two sharps
  • Key signature with three flats
  • Partner repeats
  • Crescendo (cresc. and hairpin crescendo mark)
  • Decrescendo (decresc. and hairpin decrescendo mark)
  • D. C. al Fine
  • Performance possibilities in the 3-octave book (Some of the songs in the 2-octave book are different.)
         Come Boating with Me (Italian folk song in 3/4 meter)
         Chords to accompany Silent Night
    Celebration Bells (or Chimes) (an excellent first performance piece)
    Three Aces
         Chapel Chimes
    Nature's Hymn
          Two Moods

    Angels Chanting
          Angelic Chorus
          Happy Day

    Salute to New Ringers (a final piece to let the ringers realize how much they have learned)

The 2-octave book has 4 more pages; it introduces the following concepts not covered in the 3-octave book.
The flash cards that illustrate these additional concepts are included with the Director's Manual at no extra charge.

  • Dynamic marks: mp
  • Key signature with three flats
  • Decrescendo
  • Dealing with repeats when there is a D. C. al Fine
  • Partner repeats
Page updated on June 1, 2013