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Unique Features

Travelin' Music Introduction

Unique features of  Travelin' Music

Travelin' Music is a collection of 17 program pieces

  • Chosen for variety and audience appeal
  • Arranged in program order
  • Published in a spiral bound booklet that eliminates the need for notebooks

Ringers can ring without tables because

  • The lightweight booklet fits easily on a folding music stand
  • No page turns within any single selection eliminate the need to
       —put down a bell to turn a page
       —worry about knocking over the lightweight, wire music stand
  • Any techniques used do not require tables
  • Ringers have no bell changes within an individual piece
  • The crucial accidentals are assigned to the director

Many titles could be used as a part of your regular repertoire

  • Most are useable in any season
  • All are appropriate for a spring tour
  • You can spread the preparation of this music for the “tour” throughout your year

Buying this collection at $12.95 per book is a bargain because

  • Purchased separately @ $3.75 each, the 9 individual titles useable for church
    would cost $33.75 per ringer
  • Just 5 individual titles purchased @ $3.75 each would cost $18.75 per ringer
  • The 3 selections for 5 ringers are an additional bonus
      —Those titles are extracted from collections that sell for $4.50 each
      —Even if these were available as single titles @ $3.75 each, those 3 titles
         without any pieces for full choir would cost $11.25 per ringer

Table of Contents
Miniature score of complete booklet
Marking repeats
Commentary (sample script for director)