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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

 Table of Contents with Playback Files

Although the mechanical playback of these files lacks the warmth, tone colors,
and musicality of a live performance, each file does provide a general idea of the music.

The tone color of TD's is approximated.
The playback of dynamics and fermatas is not accurate.
Achieving the proper balance between melody and accompaniment
     was not possible in the playback files.
Shakes and LV's do not playback.

  • All titles are for a 3-octave choir unless otherwise noted
  • Bells are preferred unless chimes are suggested
  • The playback file for #16 (Fiesta) is finally here!

Music for the Morning

  1. Awakening  (duration: 1:15)
  2. Sunrise  (duration: 1:31)
  3. Morning Has Broken (5 ringers) (nice on chimes)  (duration: 1:28)
  4. When Morning Gilds the Skies  (duration: 1:15)

Music for Praise

  1. Make a Joyful Noise (illustrates the high, middle, and low ranges of the bell choir)  (duration: 1:43)
  2. The Beautiful Earth (ROYAL OAK and DIX)  (duration: 2:10)
           (1st melody in high bells; 2nd melody in middle & low bells)
  3. Green Meadow, Warm Sun (nice on chimes)  (duration: 1:10)
  4. Fair Are the Meadows (CRUSADER'S HYMN)  (duration: 1:55)
    EDITOR'S NOTE: Fair Are the Meadows was recorded at mm=108 instead of 100-104 as shown on the score.
    I have changed the suggested tempo for the next print run of this book.

  5. Rejoice in the Lord (5 ringers)  (duration: 1:27)
  6. Oriental Breeze  (duration: 1:49)
  7. Medley of Two Familiar Hymns (ITALIAN HYMN and ODE TO JOY)

Music for Fun

  1. Daisy Bells (contains some thumb damps but possible on chimes)
  2. Dancing Spirits (5 ringers)
  3. Danny Boy (nice on chimes)
  4. Bells Espanol
            (1st page is all thumb damps; not as effective on chimes)
  5. Fiesta


  1. America the Beautiful (duration: 1:55)
       EDITOR'S NOTE: America the Beautiful was recorded at mm=90 instead of 96 as shown on the score.
       After listening to this song many times I felt that a tempo range of 88—92 was more appropriate.
       I have changed the suggested tempo for the next print run of this book.

Miniature score of complete booklet
Marking repeats
Commentary (sample script for director)