2008 Additions to the Dare Team Press Catalog

Single titles for full choirs

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Frosty PinesDT-1037 - $3.95
2 octaves - Level 2
— an easy composition for 2-octave choirs using 3/4 meter and ABA form
— the B section features two new melodies, one in the top notes of the treble clef
       plus a nice contrasting melody in the lower octave
— stem direction and voice leading lines help ringers follow the counter melody. S
— suitable for chimes or handbells

Victory - DT-1033 - $3.50
—easy march for 2 octaves
—Level 1+
—suitable for Easter, patriotic themes, or general use
—can be rung with 6 ringers using treble clef only

The Mysterious Stranger- DT-1032 - $3.50
—scored for 2 octaves with optional notes for C4 and F4
—Level 2
—ideal for 6 or 7 ringers
—bass clef part is feasible for 1 ringer
—suitable for bells or chimes

Rejoice! - DT-1039 - $4.75
3 octaves - Level 2
— a lively A theme starts in the highest bells and moves down through each octave
— after a short B section in the upper bells, the lower two octaves ring the C melody
— the D melody is in the bass clef with thumb damps in the highest bells
— themes A and B return at the end followed by a short coda based on the opening melody
— eighth notes plus bell changes for F5 and D6 make this a Level 2 composition
— a good choice for any festive occasion
— sounds more festive with bell

Silent Night - free chordal accompaniment (see links below)
— easy chordal accompaniment for Silent Night
— designed for new ringers and non-music readers
— uses 3/4 meter to avoid the difficulties of reading 6/8
— instructions provided for inexperienced directors
— all materials can be downloaded and reprinted
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Winter Joys - DT-1036$3.95
3 octaves - Level 1
melody occurs in both the top and bottom notes of the treble clef
— has some contrasting rhythms in the bass clef
— vibrato in the last 3 measures makes this title particularly effective on chimes
— suitable for chimes or handbells

Releases for small groups

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Awesome Presence - DT-1034 - $4.25
—collection for 4 ringers for positions D5-D6
—standard 2-bell assignments for D5 — D6
—2 pieces have no bell changes or page turns

  1. Infinite BeingLevel 1 – bells or chimes
  2. Sacred DanceLevel 1– nice on chimes
  3. Joyful BlessingsLevel 2 – bell changes for B5 
            (uses TD and SK)       

Peace - DT-1038 #3.95
— 6 ringers (B4-G6) - 2 octave set - Level 1
— appropriate for Christmas, Easter, or general use in church or school programs
— scored for B4 – G6 makes it playable with only a 2-octave set
— a short motive echoes between the octaves.
— rhythms are Level 1; bell changes classify it at Level 2
— E5 and G5 have normal chromatic changes;
— B4 is asked to cover G6 in three consecutive measures; except for the contrast in bell size,
       the change is no more difficult than changing from B to B-flat
— suitable for chimes or handbells but nice on chimes

Three for Five - DT-1035 - $4.25   
—collection for 5 ringers
—standard 2-bell assignments for F5 — F6
—one ringer plays C5 and E5
       (D5, optional in one song, functions as a bell change for E5)
—useable for church or school

  1. Exaltate Jubilate — Level 2 – no bell changes
  2. Spiral Dance — Level 2 – bell changes; martellato
  3. Carilloneurs — Level 1