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Note Reading

Note Reading Worksheets

Note Reading Worksheets

This set of reproducible masters includes sheets to

  • Introduce the staff
  • Introduce the treble (G) clef
  • Teach note names in the treble clef
  • Teach names of ledger lines in the treble clef
  • Explain octaves in the treble clef
  • Introduce the bass (F) clef
  • Teach note names in the bass clef
  • Teach names of ledger lines in the bass clef
  • Explain octaves in the bass clef
  • Introduce the grand staff

This set of teaching materials is unique because it

  • Presents each concept clearly and sequentially
  • Provides ample drill on each concept of learning note names
  • Facilitates learning because students
    • Use worksheets focused on naming notes
    • Are not confused by trying to sort out individual notes in bell music full of big chords
  • Enables ringers to learn all the note names instead of only their two notes
  • Saves rehearsal time for ringing if the director
    • Sets aside 5-10 minutes in each training session to explain one concept
    • Works through the sheet orally
    • Urges each student to complete and study the worksheet at home
  • Contains unbound single sheets that
    • Are easier to use than materials bound in a book
    • Make good, clean copies

Complete set of master copies, packaged in a manila envelope: $17.50
Click here for details and links to sample worksheets.