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Sample Sheets

Sample Sheets

Selected Samples of Work Sheets

Master copies are unbound single sheets that

  • Make good, clean copies
  • Are packaged in a manila envelope
  • Can be stored in a file drawer or punched for storage in a notebook

Tested in church bell choirs and elementary music classrooms

My experience has demonstrated that this sequence of sheets used according to the
teaching suggestions at the bottom of the List of Sheets
produces results.
Providing ample drill on each staff concept – spaces, lines, and stepwise motion –
before randomly naming notes seems to facilitate learning.

Links to miniature copies of each sheet and answer sheets

  1-List of Sheets; Learning about the Staff; Introducing the Treble Clef
  2-Learning Names of Notes in Spaces; Learning Names of Notes on Lines (Treble Clef)
  3-Reading Notes That Move by Steps; Reviewing Notes (Treble Clef)
  4-Ledger Lines in Treble Clef; Understanding Octaves; Grand Review (Treble Clef)
  5-Introducing the Bass Clef; Learning Names of Notes in Spaces in the Bass Clef
Learning Names of Notes on Lines; Reading Notes That Move by Steps (Bass Clef)
  7-Reviewing Notes (Bass Clef); Ledger Lines in Bass Clef
8-Understanding Octaves; Grand Review (Bass Clef); Learning about the Grand Staff

  9-Answers: Treble Clef Spaces; Treble Clef Lines
10-Answers: Treble Clef Stepwise; Treble Clef Review
11-Answers: Treble Clef Ledger Lines; Treble Clef Grand Review
12-Answers: Bass Clef Spaces; Bass Clef Lines
13-Answers: Bass Clef Stepwise; Bass Clef Review
14-Answers: Bass Clef Ledger Lines; Bass Clef Grand Review