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Dare Team Press

Dare Team Press

Easy handbell music by John C. Dare
accommodates a variety of needs

Music for small handbell or chime groups

  • Ideal for small groups with limited skills
  • Most collections are scored for 2 basic bells per ringer
  • Does not require ensemble ringing skills
  • Suitable for school or church groups
  • Skilled ringers can prepare these in one rehearsal
  • Useful when asked to perform on short notice
  • Great for times when not all ringers are available
  • Has several titles scored to accommodate one or more extra ringers

Music for full handbell or chime choirs

  • Easy music enables groups to sound good quickly
  • Easy music builds confidence through success
  • Selections available for 2 octaves, 2-3 octaves, and 3 octaves
  • 2-3 octave music is often adaptable for 8, 9, 10, or 11 ringers
  • Music does not sound simplistic
  • Suitable for school or church groups

Two method books for all ages

  • Excellent, sequential material for teaching new ringers
  • Can provide a quick review of basics for returning ringers
Unique scores for people who cannot read music
  • Enable beginners to sound good quickly
  • Are short enough to learn in a few rehearsals
  • Have large, clear print that is easy to read
  • Provide an ideal solution for ministries to senior citizens
Travelin' Music - a collection for playing off site without tables

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